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Your customers are visiting your website on lots of devices

smartphones and tablets

Does your website look good on these?

Well, does it? What do you see? If your website is like most websites, you'll see a squished-down version of the version you see on a laptop, where you have to pinch 'n' zoom to navigate around? What do your visitors think?

Trends show the future

Drawing conclusions from its user surveys, Google urges businesses to build mobile websites. In fact, it's developed a website called The Mobile Playbook which shows trends and cites case studies that demonstrate the case for building a mobile-optimised website.

Think about your visitors

But what do your trends tell you? What increase in accessing your website from smart devices does your site analytics show? Do you see an increase in mobile queries? How will an increase in mobile traffic influence your online marketing strategy? Just as important, what are your competitors doing?

Your Website Strategy

Clearly, mobile traffic is increasing overall, and your site is unlikely to be immune from this change. If your website is experiencing an increase in mobile traffic, perhaps now is the time to respond to this positively and think how a mobile-optimised website could start to turn this increase in traffic into an increase in conversions.

If you're re-thinking your mobile strategy and want to give your visitors a better online experience that will enable you to capture more leads or sell more products, why not give us a call and make an appointment to see how your website could be optimised for smart devices?