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Facebook Custom Tabs

Extend Your Marketing Space with a Custom Tab

What is a Custom Facebook Tab?

If you're frustrated about the lack of marketing space on your company Facebook page, consider a Custom Facebook Tab.

Custom tabs are additional fan tabs on your Facebook page that give you more space to market to your Facebook visitors.

And because Custom Tabs have full website function, you can use them just like you use the pages on your website. Think of it - up to nine additional html tabs of marketing space on Facebook. How would you use them? You could, for example:

  • Market and sell your products & services
  • Tell new visitors about your company and what it does
  • Sign up people for your e-newsletter
  • Run a competition or a customer survey

Your customers and prospects are on Facebook now. Custom Tabs transform the opportunities you have to market to them.

We think that Facebook tabs are so important, we've dedicated a website to them. Head over to and find out how they can benefit your Facebook marketing.