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Content Management

Your website isn't a brochure

It really isn't. It's a dynamic and powerful marketing tool with a world-wide reach. And publishing your website is only the beginning, because then you can really start to make it work for you and your customers. And that's where a Content Management System comes in.

Content Management

A content management system, or CMS for short, does what it says on the tin. It enables you to manage the content of the website - without knowing anything about HTML (the website coding language). If you know how to edit a Word document, then managing your website will be straightforward.

Exactly what elements of your website you can change or manage will depend on what you've discussed with your website design team in the design phase of your website project and on the CMS software itself.

Our choice for you is MODX

Not surprisingly, there are many CMSs available but we use and recommend a CMS called MODX. We like, use and recommend MODX to our customers for these reasons:

  • MODX allows us complete design freedom. In other words, there are no constraints on design because of template restrictions. Janey (our designer) designs what she wants and Dave (our coder) builds the website exactly to her design, without compromise, including the ability to make your website responsive. We think that's important.
  • It's easy for you to use. No less important than the one above.
  • It's very secure and very flexible. While one person can have complete administrative control over the entire website, another might have permission to edit only one page. You can even set pages to be viewed only when people are logged in - handy if you want to publish employee-only information on your website.

The MODX content management system is one reason that our customers like their websites. If you'd like a responsive website that you can manage yourself, why not give us a call and we can show you how it works?